ACETECH Blaster Tracer Unit (blast imitation) – Black

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This tracer unit is designed for green light bbs. At each shot, the tracer unit sensors detect a flying ball and flash briefly to “light up” the bb and make the bb visible in the dark during its flight. It is visible throughout the flight path and it is a great spectacle.

However, the most interesting thing about the Blaster is its aggressive design and flame imitation function. At the end of the silencer there are 3 LED diodes, which illuminate the flying bb and gas around the barrel when fired. The blast is best seen when used on gas weapons, when the remnants of the gas after the shot are lit. The effect is visible even when used on electric weapons, although a little weaker.

Blaster can be used in 3 modes:

  • Flame imitation lighting (up to 12,000 bbs per charge)
  • Flame imitation only (up to 12,000 bbs per charge)
  • Lighting only (up to 24,000 bbs per charge)

The Blaster has intelligent power management – it automatically goes into sleep mode after 5 minutes of inactivity. Just shake the damper to wake up. Of course, you can also switch it off completely using the power button.

The unit has a degree of protection IP64 (against dust and running water). It is ideal for outdoor use.

The lighting unit is fixed in an aluminum housing with a matt anodised surface. It is powered by an internal Li-Ion battery that fully charges up to 24,000 bbs or 12,000 in lighting and flame imitation mode. To charge the battery, unscrew the silencer terminal and connect the Micro-USB cable (included). You will also find a power button under the terminal.

The status of the silencer (on, battery voltage, self-test result) is signaled by an audible and color flashing of the LED.

The package includes a reduction from the left-hand M14 thread to the right-hand M11, so you can use the silencer on any airsoft rifle or pistol that has a detachable shotgun. An Allen key is also included for easier tightening / loosening of the reduction.



  • A fully charged battery (Li-Ion) illuminates up to 24,000 balls (lighting only mode or flame imitation only)
  • Battery charging time 2.5 hours
  • The unit is fully functional up to a cadence of 35 RPS (shots per second)
  • Designed for green light balls
  • Automatic sleep function after 5 minutes of inactivity, just turn on the unit to turn it on
  • Battery status indicator via LED (green / orange / red)
  • Left-hand thread M14

Package contents: reduction M14 (-) to M11 (+), charging Micro-USB cable (20cm), hex, instructions
Dimensions: diameter 32 mm, length 76 mm
Weight: 70 g (without adapter)