Armored Claw Accuracy Tactical Gloves – olive

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Armored Claw is a brand whose products are an excellent choice for those looking for durable tactical and survival equipment. Gloves, balaclavas and other accessories are perfect for every situation – during everyday work as well as in the battlefield. Also for those users for whom this fight is a daily job, because Armored Claw products were designed not only for airsoft enthusiasts, but also for uniformed officers.

Armored Claw gloves are sewn only from the best quality, reliable materials for years, guaranteeing reliability and durability. These include Keprotec® protective material developed by Schoeller Switzerland® and original DuPont® Kevlar® and Nomex® fibers. The usage of Spandexneoprene, natural and artificial leather provides comfort, breathability and a easy fit for the user’s hand.

The Hot Weather series is the perfect solution for sunny and hot days. The materials used and the special ventilation perforations prevent sweating of the hands even in the most dynamic of situations. In these gloves, additional lining was abandoned, while maintaining the same thickness and strength of the outer material. Therefore, there are no compromises – the gloves will still perfectly protect the user’s hands.

The Armored Claw family of gloves consists of a whole range of models with varying degrees of protection. In the offer of this brand, every user will be able to find a model tailored to their own needs: cut-resistant gloves, non-flammable, specially reinforced to protect against bumps and any injuries.

Accuracy is the model designed for precise operations, even when handling small objects. The manufacturer has chosen the cut and materials that provide the highest level of comfort, flexibility and protection. Spandex and neopren were used to make the outer layers of the gloves – materials that are characterized by high resistance to permanent stretching while maintaining flexibility.

The inside of the hand was made of high quality synthetic leather and a special mesh-like pattern was used. This kind of structure significantly improves the grip – slipping of the gloves has been reduced to a minimum. Most importantly, despite the use of a single layer of material, the inside is very resistant to abrasion.

An interesting element that improves the comfort of use is a special panel located on the outside of the thumb. It is made of a material with a high degree of moisture absorption and is perfect for wiping sweat from your forehead or fogged goggles. When choosing the products, the manufacturer aimed to grant the user the highest level of accuracy of work while using the gloves and maintaining good moisture management and high thermal comfort.

At the ends of the thumb and index finger from the inside, anti-slip panels are used, which allows for hassle-free operation of touch screens of smartphones or tablets. On the outside there is a convenient velcro fastener for adjusting the circumference. The elastic bottom part of the glove also increases the comfort of use and adjustment to the wrist.

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