Armored Claw Quick Release™ Hot Weather Tactical Gloves – Black

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Armored Claw is a brand, whose products constitute an excellent selection for people looking for durable tactical and survival equipment. Gloves, balaclavas and other accessories that will prove ideal in any situation – when conducting day to day operations as well as in combat. They are also intended for Users, for whom combat is everyday work because Armored Claw line of products was designed with officers of uniformed services in mind, not only airsoft enthusiasts.

Armored Claw gloves were made only of highest-quality, tested for many years materials that guarantee their reliability and durability. These include, among others, original Kevlar® and Nomex® fibers by Dupont® as well as Keprotec® protective material developed by Schoeller Switzerland®. The implementation of, among others, Spandex, neoprene, natural and artificial leather provides comfort, breathability, and good fit to the user’s hand.

Hot Weather series is an ideal solution for sunny and hot days. The materials used and the special ventilation holes prevent the hand from sweating in the most dynamic of situations. Gloves from this series do not feature additional padding whilst retaining the same thickness and durability of the external material. As a result, there are no compromises to be made here – the gloves still offer excellent protection to the user’s hands.

Armored Claw family of gloves is made up of an entire array of gloves that offer various levels of protection. Every user will be able to find a model within this brand’s offer that will match their needs: gloves resistant to cutting, fire resistant gloves, specially-reinforced gloves for increased protection against all manner of impact and trauma.

Quick Release is a new model in the offer by Armored Claw. A simple cut and small weight make this model extremely versatile – it can be used during combat operations as well as everyday activities. Spandex was used to made these gloves, which guarantees flexibility and excellent fit to the user’s hand whilst maintaining a high degree of comfort of work. Quick Release gloves can be easily treated as an EDC (Every Day Carry) piece of equipment and kept always on hand where there is something to be done!

The outer layer of Quick Release gloves was made of Spandex – a material that is characteristic for its high elasticity whilst at the same time being resistant to repeated stretching. The inside of the hand is covered with high-quality synthetic leather. In order to provide a better grip and comfort when executing precision work, fingers feature a single layer of leather. Another functional solution includes anti-slip panels on the inside of the thumb and index finger. Panels enable seamless operation of touch screens of devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Slightly elongated cuff provides additional protection for the wrist and elastic stitching of the wrist significantly simplifies and speeds up putting on the gloves.