Maska Stalker EVO PLUS – olive

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Stalker EVO PLUS Mask – Olive Drab

A Stalker type mask from EVO edition with additional ear protection. The mask was made of durable nylon that envelops its external part and a strong, yet light steel mesh. Inside, on the cheeks, the mask features a very pleasant, foam mesh lining that improves the comfort of wearing. As a means of additional protection, the sides of the mask feature a mesh that is supposed to protect ears from harm. The mesh was covered with a special laminate that makes it resistant to weather conditions and rust. The mask practically adapts to the face of the User by itself leaving, a significant amount of comfort of free breathing whilst at the same time offering a cover of vulnerable parts of the User’s face. The stability is assured by 4 adjustable straps with a broad central strap stretching over the majority of the back of the head.

It is important to be watchful for possible fragmentation of a BB upon impacting the mask where the mesh is located.

The product does not constitute ballistic protection and has no other protective properties. It is not intended for use in protective purposes, including during tactical/war/ASG games.

The use of the product for ballistic protection and/or for other protective purposes, including the use during tactical/war/ASG games, is the use of the product contrary to its intended use, in which case the buyer does so solely at his own risk.

The vendor is not liable for damage to the product, that might result from the use of the product contrary to its intended purpose, this also applies to all possible health consequences (bodily harm) for the user (buyer) or damage to property. Moreover, a misuse of the product will void the warranty on the product.

The vendor is liable to the buyer under the warranty for product defects (in the event of such defects) only if the buyer/user uses the product for its intended purpose, i.e. for purposes other than protective purposes, including the use during tactical/war/ASG games.