POLARSTAR HPA Kythera SA Conversion Kit V3 for AK

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Kythera is one of the most innovative product from PolarStar in the past decade. This HPA system is purely mechanical which means that you don’t need to take care of any battery or be careful with FCU or any other type of electronics. It also means that the system is completely waterproof and ready for use in harsh weather conditions.

From the beginning it was thought as a mechanical system and uses a realistic trigger mechanism – it is designed to replicate the function, weight and feel of a real single-action firearm trigger. Weight and over-travel can be adjusted to meet the specific preference of the user.

The Kythera SA is designed on the basis of a complete shot cycle in one trigger pull. It is similar to the Fusion Engine and F2 proven closed bolt performance in a completely mechanical and waterproof package.

This HPA system fits into a standard gearbox and in most cases does not require any modification to the gearbox shell. It’s pressure operation range from 60psi to 180psi and it can perform muzzle velocity of 270 – 500fps w/ .20g using a 6.05x380mm barrel witch make a Kythera a universal solution to the user needs.


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