Xcortech X3200 MKIII Chronograph

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The official chronograph of HASS.


X3200 MK3 Chronograph

The newest version of a well-known and favoured X3200 chronograph.

XCORTECH X3200 is a high quality, multi-function, precise measuring device used for measuring muzzle velocity of BBs fired from firearm replicas with a caliber of 6 mm and 8 mm. The device is powered by two AA batteries (not included in the set), which allows it to be easily carried and used in the field. Compact size and low weight paired with high functionality and intuitive use make it an unrivaled model.

Chronograph Features:

– micro USB power port (only as a means to power it, cannot be charged)

– better measurement accuracy

– better reliability

– powered by 2 AA batteries (previous model required 3 x AAA batteries)

– highly sensitive IR sensor – MK3 model has 14 sensors, previous model had only 8

– low power consumption

– extended operation time on a set of batteries

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